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Chemically treated sewage and use of paper
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Specialty Paper (Specialty Paper or Specialties) was originally not a paper name, initially refers to paper mills, in addition to small quantities of primary products outside the product, and later evolved to meet the needs of customers ordering specially made paper copy synonymous . Specialty is the use of different fibers made of paper machine copy paper with a special function, for example, be used alone or synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp and other raw materials, with different materials be modified or processed, give the paper a different function and purpose such as: living with, building material, electrical products, industrial filtration Used, industrial machinery, agricultural, information use, optical, arts and culture with biochemical cutting-edge technology with so long as it is used for special purposes of media , all collectively referred to as specialty paper.
First, the definition of specialty:
      Specialty paper sector definitions and explanations are not consistent. Some said, "The so-called specialty" is to have some kind of special features, especially suitable for the application of the kind of paper; Some said, "specialty is: In order to adapt to a particular purpose, with special properties of paper and paperboard variety"; also said: "specialty is only for a specific purpose, and require special paper in the paper." It can be seen, it is difficult to make a clear and strict on specialty paper positioning. (1)
Second, the development of specialty:
      Specialty Paper (Specialty paper) about this name until after the 1960s and gradually spread up. Some people call it the special processing of paper. Specialty paper from 1945 National Cash Register Company (National Cash Register Co.) Successfully developed NCR. Later, other specialty papers continue to launch, open up the people's vision has changed people's traditional view on the paper. Raw materials are no longer limited to the plant fiber, non-vegetable fibers (such as inorganic fibers, synthetic fibers) have been applied. Structure, in addition to woven fiber layers, but also increase processing or coating layers. Effect, may need to copy made according to the design, this is in the past did not expect. However, the development of specialty paper facing many difficulties, such as capital investment and more equipment requirements, technical difficulties and so on. Meanwhile, many specialty applications narrower, demand for small. No short-term formation of climate, needs people to open up.
       Current domestic specialty paper production is very low, far failed to meet the need to use our specialty. However, due to a wide range of specialty applications, performance and high value-added specialty paper mill domestic small and medium production, application of academic research unit's technical support is not very common, making the development of our specialty certain obstacles. Specialty paper production enterprises should make the appropriate production planning, product transition and technology development toward the direction, I believe we can establish domestic specialty paper industry survival and development of good space.
Third, the specialty features:
       Specialty paper with "four new, three high, the dilemma of" features. "Four new" is the new raw materials (including plant fiber raw materials, non-plant fiber raw materials or synthetic materials, etc.), new technology, new equipment, new products. "Three high" is a high-tech, high-performance, high-efficiency (value-added products). "Dilemma" is difficult to control the process, recycling difficult. In addition, specialty paper market and there is a "small, short, and change" feature, "less" is the specialty paper uses a special, limited markets, the yield is less. "Short" is a short cycle, easy to saturate the market. "Change" is changing fast, and perhaps become a plain, perhaps upgrading constantly changing, continually renewed.
Fourth, by type of specialty:
A) cultural class specialty:
Such as: Carbonless paper, specialty books and printing paper, anti-phishing paper, the paper will sound, pressure paper, nano waterproof paper, security thread paper and anti-copy paper and so on.
Two) packaging specialty:
Such as: telescopic paper, deep drawing paper, paper Liangdai, specialty food packaging paper (solar thermal paper, far infrared wrapping paper, paper edible corrosion, dehydration function wrapping paper, paper residue, Marc paper, special coated packaging Paper, Vegetable Paper).
Three) lifestyle specialty:
Such as: clothing paper, water-soluble paper, vacuum cleaner bag paper, colored paper, paper rope, paper lampshade, on behalf of cloth paper, and paper, textile materials, paper and so on.
Four) class specialty building materials:
Such as: construction paper, laminate flooring wear layer of paper, glazed brick cotton backing, paper steel, a variety of new wallpaper (Heating wallpaper, wallpaper moisture, anti-fungal reproduction wallpaper, insect wallpaper, wallpaper smoke flavor, report a fire wallpaper, antibugging wallpaper, high-frequency shield wallpaper, non-flammable paper), furniture, paper and paper furniture.
Five) class healthcare specialty:
Such as: medical paper, absorbing tissues, wipes, natural contraception paper, disinfectant concentration test paper, deodorant paper.
Six) protection class specialty:
Such as: rust-proof paper, fireproof paper.
Seven) agricultural specialty:
Such as: education toilet paper, paper measuring seed germination, herbal fruit and vegetable preservation of paper, "Four" agricultural paper sheet, agricultural paper mulch, fruit bag paper, shading paper and so on.
Eight) with a specialty tobacco industry:
Such as: high permeability filter rod shaping paper, tipping paper and tipping paper, cigarette paper.
Nine) other categories of specialty paper:
Such as: temperature of paper, fever paper, instrument washers paper, specialty paper manufacturing plant protein soy foam paper.
      By supporting the production of specialty paper blankets also need special materials, processes and equipment to complete its performance compared with the general blanket has a certain uniqueness. Domestic production of paper blankets many manufacturers, but can live production to meet the needs of specialty paper specialty paper manufacturers dedicated paper blankets rarely able to develop, produce various series of specialty-specific blankets, to meet the different varieties of specialty papers for special needs blankets manufacturers even less.
      Xuzhou Golden Delicious Industrial Fabrics Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture, specializing in the production of medium-sized paper blankets. Enterprise since the date of establishment, it is positioned as the production of high-grade, high-tech products, especially in the development of specialty-specific aspects of papermaking felt a great effort to produce the specialty-specific paper blankets are based on a paper machine crushing types and conditions (vacuum, line pressure, washing conditions, etc.), the production of paper grades, as well as raw materials used in papermaking felts to the specific requirements "tailored", development and production of specialty dedicated paper blankets due to performance unique, superior quality, fully meet the special paper for the special requirements of papermaking felts, favored by domestic and foreign specialty paper mill, Golden Delicious special paper blankets specialty paper products account for a large share of the market.
Five, specialty-specific types of paper blankets:
      Over the years, Xuzhou Golden Delicious Industrial Fabrics Ltd. using its own product development and technological advantages, have developed: No blanket marks series paper blankets, anti hair removal series paper blankets, high fine series paper blankets, high crude series paper blankets, acupuncture type texture series paper blankets, antistatic dry blankets, bottom net Composite dry blankets, dry needling flocking network and other major series dedicated specialty paper blankets (dry blanket), truly "special blanket-specific, functional refinement, varieties complete, superior quality. "
Six, specialty paper production and paper blankets special note:
Here it Xuzhou Golden Crown Industrial Co., Ltd. development and production of specialty paper making felt special when some considerations to make in order to briefly summarize, for everyone to share:
A good understanding of the different specialty paper for paper making felt different requirements:
       Different specialty paper because of its different properties and special purpose, therefore, by supporting the paper blankets have different performance requirements, only by understanding the special requirements for blankets, can be targeted to produce qualified blankets.
A) to prevent hair loss hair removal. There are some specialty printing needs, such as: wood grain paper, tipping paper lint on blankets placed more stringent requirements epilation, or blankets fall of the "hair" on the surface of the sheet adhered easily lead to "leaky India" and "paste version of" problem; same time as the blanket fall of the "hair" mixed with glue applied to the surface of the piled up, it is easy to make these fine sheet with glue adhering surface; surface needs to be coated paper grades as blankets fall easy to clip on coated fine paper sheets between the scraper and led to emergence linear coated paper "scratch."
2) marks produced no blanket. Most require special paper can produce a blanket marks, especially those containing notes watermark paper, blanket marks generated if the watermark will greatly affect the clarity, while unnecessary blanket also seriously affect the paper marks beautiful.
3) marks produced blanket. Some papers, such as drawing paper, craft paper wrapping paper etc need to produce a clear, natural, beautiful strip traces, and these traces are mostly striped blankets produced through mechanical pressure out of the lines dull, regularity, too, lack of beauty, nothing compared to the lines produced striped blankets.
4) blanket surface smooth and delicate. This is the most basic requirements of specialty papers for blankets, if the surface is too rough blanket is bound to lead to uneven paper. Of course, there are some kinds of paper actually requires some of the rough paper, which in turn requires a rougher surface blanket.
5) water treatment performance and air permeability settings. This performance is of utmost importance for the paper blankets, and some specialty paper such as tracing paper, beating degree is very, very difficult slurry treatment, while others, such as some kinds of paper tea bag paper, filter paper, etc., beating degree is low, the slurry was filtered water quickly, they require accompanying paper blankets have appropriate treatment performance, water retention and anti-rewet performance.
6) acid requirements. Some specialty is under acidic conditions papermaking, which requires the blankets with acid oxidation performance, we use some of the acid production of raw materials blankets.
(2) the improvement and upgrading equipment:
      Production of specialty equipment needed blankets to some extent with the mass production of devices is not the same, the need for improvement and upgrading of key parts, the company has several senior experts in paper blankets, respectively, carding machines, weaving machines acupuncture machine and shaping machine made appropriate adjustments, and to design some special equipment, which is designed to meet the special paper blankets specialty paper production special performance requirements.
3. Developing nuanced production process to achieve specific specialty paper blankets particularity:
      Production process is to give the key to the special properties of paper blankets, Golden Delicious specialty company dedicated to every one in the bottom paper blankets network (fabric) weaving, wool carding net pre-acupuncture, acupuncture and stereotypes and other processes, have developed specialized production process, truly "tailored" personalized production.
4 Functional refinement, all varieties:
      Xuzhou Golden Delicious Industrial Fabrics Co., Ltd. is the industry's first to propose "special blanket-specific, functional refinement" concept of the enterprise, the company developed special paper blankets specialty has formed several major series, more than 20 varieties to meet all special paper production needs. Two series of products are: soft base specialty dedicated and hard paper blankets series based specialty-specific paper blankets series, including special paper blankets specialty soft ground with soft, delicate surface, fabric no skeleton, homogeneous light, producing paper surface and delicate, no blanket marks, completely replace wool blend and high-fiber blanket, particularly suitable for the production of low weight specialty paper needs. Dedicated hardware-based specialty paper blankets with good elasticity, resistance to high line pressure, dimensional stability, water treatment breathable performance, especially for high-speed paper machine production of specialty paper.
5 Featured Ingredients:
      Special paper blankets for specialty raw materials must be carefully selected, and Xuzhou Golden Delicious Industrial Fabrics Co. engineering and technical personnel after repeated research and experiments, about a dozen specially selected raw materials for papermaking felts for performance comparison , the special properties of different materials play to maximize truly special blanket use of special materials to meet the performance needs special paper.
After Xuzhou Golden Delicious Industrial Fabrics Co. engineering and technical personnel efforts, developed a specialty dedicated paper blankets evident in the industry in a leading position in specialty paper production enterprises enjoy a high reputation, has become a specialty of the special paper blankets the company's specialty products, brand name products.
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