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Types of paper blankets
 Time2013-6-20          Views2204    
First, the development process can be divided according to blanket
The development of China's paper blankets and development of the world's paper blankets are similar, but due to historical reasons, China's papermaking felt the origin and development lags behind in foreign countries for many years. So far, the paper blankets basically gone through three processes (as shown in Figure 0-1), according to the course of this development we put paper blankets divided into three categories.
1, the first generation of paper blankets
This is the earliest use of special paper blankets, woven blankets used varieties. Knitting wool yarn or blankets generally blended yarn through the weaving method, the spinning, twisting, warping, weaving, fulling, washing it, galling, singeing Finishing the traditional process is made. The structure is characterized by vertical and horizontal woven into yarn through, then use mechanical methods fulling, made the final state of the finished product, mainly of wool yarn fiber content, plus a small amount of synthetic fibers. Currently, in addition to some kind of old paper machine felts special paper (such as striped kraft paper) for use on a blanket, in general, rarely used. The main reason is low strength, life is short.
2, the second generation paper blankets
In order to improve the performance of paper blankets, blankets extend the life of people to develop and produce a second generation of paper blankets, mainly acupuncture flocking blanket, also known as BOB blankets. Acupuncture flocking blanket fabric layer and a fibrous layer of the two parts. Depending on the fiber materials can be divided into blended acupuncture needling flocking fiber blankets and full-woven cashmere paper blankets. According to the different fabric structures can be divided into a weft needle flocking paper blankets and no latitude acupuncture flocking paper blankets.
Acupuncture papermaking felts flocking fabric structure is characterized by the longitudinal and transverse or only a thin warp yarns arranged in the yarn of the fabric, and then in one or both fabric fleece made of thorns blankets, fleece fabric and 100% synthetic fibers. Such blankets strong large size and stability, small elongation, can withstand high pressure and large load line, more resistant to wear and tear, with Hemi nature, flexibility and porosity remain longer. Alkali-resistant, avoid acid, work long hours under acidic conditions vulnerable to damage. Such blanket warp twist higher line pressure is too high will leave a blanket printing. As a result of certain statutory type blanket soft enough, the machine will take some time after the softening process. Usually in the dewatering and vacuum dewatering machine coexistence is better to use, suitable for the bigger size of the carpet surface less demanding species, such as toilet paper, corrugated paper, cardboard and other paper. High requirements on the carpet surface of paper, generally used in fine warp, thick wool layer structure of varieties, the use effect is ideal.
3, the third generation paper blankets
After the efforts of experts, the current third-generation paper blankets application has been for many years, this blanket bottom line pressure is high net acupuncture blankets, also known as BOM papermaking felts. BOM papermaking felts is currently the most widespread popularity as a paper blankets, its use penetration rate has reached 95%. High line pressure at the end mesh network acupuncture papermaking felt by the bottom layer and the fibrous layer composed of two parts, the structure is characterized, the bottom layer consists of vertical and horizontal networks using different weaving technology to produce different organizational structures network, sub-single, double , multi-layer or multi-layer composite made of multifilament fiber materials using vertical and horizontal use plied monofilament or multifilament synthetic materials, and then in the bottom gill nets on both sides and made of fleece blankets, fleece bottom nets and are 100% synthetic fibers, therefore, high line pressure at the end of acupuncture papermaking felt network can be divided into single, double, multi-layer, laminated paper blankets and bottom mesh knotless acupuncture points acupuncture papermaking blankets base mesh.
Second, according to the different parts of the divided blanket use
1, forming blankets
As the name suggests, this type of paper machine felts mainly for the forming section. Forming blankets mainly used in single rotary screen, multi-rotary, over molding paper machine forming section (wire section) bits, but the habit, one can classify it as a press felt of the column. Such molding machine parts on the blanket mortgage (with) paper performance, treatment performance, breaking strength, dimensional stability and other requirements are high.
2, press felts
Such felts for paper machine press main parts, throughout the dewatering of the wet paper play a key role in the process. Press apparatus according to the structure and dehydration conditions are different, press felts can be divided into: ordinary press felts, press felts complex, prop blanket pressure, vacuum back blanket, light pressure blanket, grooved press felts, press felts vacuum, large rollers by press felt, shoe press blankets, hot blanket; under blankets used can be divided into upper and lower parts: press on the blanket, squeezing under the blankets; under blankets in order to use the press section can be divided into: a pressure blankets, two pressure blankets, blankets and other counter-pressure.
People usually forming blankets and press felt collectively referred to as wet blankets.
3, dry blanket
In order to distinguish the above stated molding blankets and press felts, we used the dryer section of a paper machine called a dry blanket blanket. The drying process, the sheet is firmly pressed against the blanket cylinder dry surface, speed up the drying and improve the drying speed and efficiency, but also can make the paper flat, smooth surface.
According to the different types of used dryer, dry blanket cylinder can be divided into groups, and MG dry blanket blanket (with a gloss roller cylinder dry blanket).
According to the manufacturer dry blanket use of raw materials and structural conditions can be divided into dry canvas blanket, woven dry blankets, carpets and dry needling flocking dry blanket (net) and so on.
(1) canvas dry carpet weaving using cotton yarn. Later joined with some synthetic filament yarn plied to improve strength and increase wear and prolong life. Plain weaving method is generally double, triple weave, warp double weft layers, layer by layer weft, etc., quantitative as 2 000 ~ 4 000g. m-2, the main process is spinning, partnership, weaving, flat, mounted clamp (seams) and so on. Mainly suitable for small and medium sized paper machine and produce high quantitative paper paper machine.
(2) Dry carpet made of high quality woven wool, the spinning, weaving, inlaid head, washing and milling, drying and shaping processes of production from the weave of 2/2 twill, quantification of 2 000 ~ 4 000 g. m-2. Adapted to the Fourdrinier papermaking tissue and advanced products such as tissue paper.
(3) Acupuncture dry blanket for the second generation of high fiber and full-needled fiber products, it is characterized by permeability, high temperature dry than woven blanket is good, and can be made directly into the ring. Acupuncture can be divided into dry blanket BOB and BOM dry dry blanket blanket; BOB mainly dry blanket has weft, no latitude BOB dry blanket; BOM dry blankets are single, double, triple BOM dry blankets. Their production processes, respectively BOB and BOM wet blanket wet blanket is basically the same, quantitative as 1200 ~ 2000 g. m-2, adapted to the higher requirements for paper products, such as offset paper and other cultural paper and specialty paper.
(4) Flocking dry blanket (also known as flocking dry net, composite dry blankets) Flocking dry blanket is a new paper drying equipment, but also a typical network blanket combination products. It is in the dry network and web contacting one or both sides acupuncture flocking, we can use hierarchical laying fiber thickness, and then after heat setting, cutting, sealing and other processes from production. Mainly divided into monofilament dry blanket flocking, flocking multifilament dry blankets, flocking spiral stem blankets and other products. It has a dry blanket acupuncture surface sophistication, but also dry net good permeability, suitable for wide, high-speed paper machines, producing high-end products.
Currently, canvas and woven dry carpet has been basically eliminated, the main use of acupuncture dry blanket, BOM dry blanket and flocking dry blanket, and some parts have been replaced by dry net.
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